Byron Bay Pt. 1 - Bangalow Markets

While I was in Australia, in February, I dragged my hubby down to Bangalow Markets.

Bangalow Market is essentially a hippy/alternative market in a place called Bangalow which is right near Byron Bay on the Australia Northern East Coast.
It's full of colour and yummy food and jewelry and hippy clothes and stuff you've never ever seen before.
I love it and I was so excited to go back there after being away for 2 years.
I usually go there to buy sterling silver jewelry. That's where a few of the pieces I always wear are from. The prices are really good and there's always something that can tempt you!

It's in a really pretty area surrounded by green rolling hills and trees trees trees.
Byron Bay is only 10 minutes away so I always go there afterwards for a look-see.
Byron also has a market which is a week later. Both markets are held once a month.

I got a dorky pair of Levis before I left the US and a bunch of Gold Studs and studded these jeans, turned them into 3/4 pants, turned them into bermudas and now I'm thinking of making them shorter...all of this, of course, means I'm not totally happy with them but of course I love the studs. And ripping them up and bleaching them was fun too.

Pt. 2 Of Bangalow Markets coming in a few days.....

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