From a place called outer space.

As I mentioned a little bit during the AW 10/11 shows: I have a big thing for Galaxy prints.

So when I saw a bunch of breath-taking photos taken by the hubble space camera it just reminded me how much I love those prints!
Nothing beats the unmatchable beauty of God's creation but some of these fabrics are stunning to look at.
The best prints go to Tina Kalivas and Peter Pilotto hands down but Ksubi and even Volcom has made a good showing (Both Ksubi and Tina did theirs back around 06-07).
I especially love Tina's look book that accompanies that collection. The images are awesome.

Oh how I would love to get my hands on a galaxy print fabric :(

Image Source: Tinakalivas.com, vogue.com.au, Assembly via Rag-Pony, Volcom.com etc

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