Bun in the oven.

We're having a baby and I'm stoked (especially because I'm half way through now and wow, it's been an experience in a half.).

I have to admit, it really did hit me like a freight train. The morning sickness part was not fun, and I had it easy compared to others!

When it's your time to go through this and you're feeling like crap run over twice and wishing you could feel normal again and everyone's telling you "You'll feel fine by 4 months." Well it's true. You will.

And when you start feeling the baby kicking it's so cool and so worth it :)

So this blog has taken a backseat for the past 3 months. It was the last thing I could think about and now that I have a belly I don't feel very fashionable I'm sorry to say, I just want to be comfortable!

I plan to come back when I get the chance, it could be a while though, I'm sure I'm going to be a little pre-occupied for some time.

Thanks to anyone who took a liking to this blog, I really appreciate your interest and I hope to be back and making clothes again soon ;)



Accoutrements and such

I was so delighted to discover Sass & Bide's jewelry line, or, accoutrements as they like to call it because it's actually not just jewelry, there's also belts, a beanie, some gloves and bags too. All in that earthy/futuristic Sass and Bide style that I love.

Also a bonus is that the jewelry is sterling silver. FINALLY SOMEONE CLUED IN!

You see so many top designers make jewelry collections and they're made from what? Who knows what. I daren't think about it. yeccchhhh.

The gold jewelry is gold plated over sterling silver, which I've never been into cos it wears off right? But it's not so bad I spose.

There's some stunning rings here and I adore the snake belt and the bag.

In the future I hope to see some necklaces and cuffs too, I just know they would be amazing.
(I just had a look online and noticed they have JUST added a necklace and a cuff....FREAKY!)
You can see them AND buy them online at


Project: Tie-to-the-Dye - Final Look

Hey Folks,

I've kind of been awol....yeah....... more on the reasons for that another day but I'm hoping to post when ever I get the chance!

I'm still making stuff too, I've already started on a new blouse which is nearly done. Will post on that soon but here's what the Tie to the Dye Project dress finally looks like......dare I say I think I preferred it before! KILL ME NOW!

Ah, I'm almost a perfectionist and while I am notoriously hard on myself I am in no illusion that the finished product is NOT perfect.

I do like the black accents and stuff but the top is BLAH to say the least.

Oh bloody well! I'm over it, moving on the bigger and hopefully prettier things!


Here you go: before and after.



I'm so jealous of this label, it has a lot of the things I aspire to when making clothes:

Signature prints
Beautful silhouettes
Gorgeous fabrics
An ethereal quality
A feeling of exclusivity
Some quirky tailoring
Delicate but strong

All these things are so important and I feel this brand has all of it. Just throw in a t-shirt or two and a few frayed edges and it would be 100% "parfait" in my eyes.

Fall Winter 2010

Spring Summer 2010

Image Source:


Givenchy Fall Couture 2010 ♥

Here I go again with my Givenchy obsession!
I just can't get over these details, they's so ornate and lush!
I really REALLY appreciate details on the back of clothes, I think it makes clothes extra special.
I'm relieved to see nothing of the red that has had inundated the past few Givenchy RTW collections.
Oh to see these beautiful garments up close! Especially the stunning jackets ♥

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Whizz Pop Bang

I don't know about you all, but me? I'm surrounded by a tonne of popping and banging (those being of the fireworks kind) and I can't see for clouds of gun powder smoke.
It's like the wild west here on the Islands!
I think I'll see myself off to Twilight....that's my excuse to go watch it anyways :P

Happy 4th of July Folks!

Shirt: Pacsun, Red Top: F21, Jeans: Wet Seal, Boots: Ebay, Scarf: Ebay