Bun in the oven.

We're having a baby and I'm stoked (especially because I'm half way through now and wow, it's been an experience in a half.).

I have to admit, it really did hit me like a freight train. The morning sickness part was not fun, and I had it easy compared to others!

When it's your time to go through this and you're feeling like crap run over twice and wishing you could feel normal again and everyone's telling you "You'll feel fine by 4 months." Well it's true. You will.

And when you start feeling the baby kicking it's so cool and so worth it :)

So this blog has taken a backseat for the past 3 months. It was the last thing I could think about and now that I have a belly I don't feel very fashionable I'm sorry to say, I just want to be comfortable!

I plan to come back when I get the chance, it could be a while though, I'm sure I'm going to be a little pre-occupied for some time.

Thanks to anyone who took a liking to this blog, I really appreciate your interest and I hope to be back and making clothes again soon ;)


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