Accoutrements and such

I was so delighted to discover Sass & Bide's jewelry line, or, accoutrements as they like to call it because it's actually not just jewelry, there's also belts, a beanie, some gloves and bags too. All in that earthy/futuristic Sass and Bide style that I love.

Also a bonus is that the jewelry is sterling silver. FINALLY SOMEONE CLUED IN!

You see so many top designers make jewelry collections and they're made from what? Who knows what. I daren't think about it. yeccchhhh.

The gold jewelry is gold plated over sterling silver, which I've never been into cos it wears off right? But it's not so bad I spose.

There's some stunning rings here and I adore the snake belt and the bag.

In the future I hope to see some necklaces and cuffs too, I just know they would be amazing.
(I just had a look online and noticed they have JUST added a necklace and a cuff....FREAKY!)
You can see them AND buy them online at http://www.sassandbide.com/

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