Project Baby "Chavenchy" Update No.2

Last update before final reveal....Reveal to whom exactly, I might ask? haha
Anyways! So the baby of Chanel and Givenchy is actually finished now, I just need to take proper pics of it being worn. Ugh, I wish I didn't have to be the one wearing it, I look like a skinnier version of the marshmallow man or something. It would be nice to have someone else model it. Preferably someone with long limbs, some minor muscle tone and a tan....
But moving right along!--->
So I ended up making the bubble skirt as mentioned in my previous post HERE. But I added a twist...literally. It's twisted. And I quite like the result I'm happy to say. It was pretty much a total fluke that it tuned out ok.
Final pics will be up next week.

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