Project Baby "Chavenchy" Update

Ok, so, just to clear things up here, if Chanel and Givenchy really had a baby, it's not like I think I would be able to make something that cool.
No no no.
I just had that picture in my head, to motivate me I guess....Yeah this is my disclaimer before I show my update (obviously).
I would say it's turning out more along the lines of, hmmmm, a "Robotic Swiss Milkmaid"?....Yeah that sounds about right.
But that's ok, I wanted it to be kinda kooky looking.
I've finished the top: Binded the edges, attached the shoulder/neck piece to the bodice and put in the zipper (this was all done after I took these pics, as you can see everything is still raw edges here). I tried it on and was stoked to find it fits like a glove. YAY
But I am still unsure how I want the skirt to look. I'm thinking bubble skirt (cos I've never made one). I have steered well clear of them until now but I'm thinking it would look kinda cool with this....Hmmm, still not sure.
Anyways it should be finished soon. One more update before final pics!

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