If Givenchy and Chanel had a baby...

Givenchy SS10

Chanel Spring couture 09
= ???

I've been trying to imagine what it would look like if Givenchy SS10 and Chanel Spring Couture 09 had a child.
But that's where I got a bit ridiculously ambitious and decided to try and make the baby myself....um, meaning I'm going to try and design and sew it. Geez, get your heads out of the gutter peeps!
I've been so obsessed with Givenchy SS10. It IS perfection. So naturally I found myself being drawn to making something inspired by it.

It's going to be white, it's going to be frilly and/or frou frou-y (I really frickin' hope it will anyway!) but it's not going to be a dead rip-off or anything. I'm just using these collections as inspirations and going from there to see what I can come up with.
I've posted a picture of a drawing I did but the design already changed drastically from that within the first hour.
Wish me luck and you should be seeing the results in a few weeks!

Image Source: style.com

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