The Man in the Moon

I just remembered this movie the other day: "The Man in the Moon".
It was one of my favourite movies when I was younger.
Dani (Reese Witherspoon) is so cute. She's a tiny and precocious but lovable kid with a HUGE crush on Court (Jason London). But she's way to young for him, and her gorgeous older sister isn't. So she has to sit back and watch them fall in love right under her nose.
It's a tragic love story based on real events and even tho it's sad, me and my sis loved it anyway. Watched it like 20 times. I totally forgot about it until now.
It has a really clean cut, summertime 50's Country America vibe which I always dug.
Those button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up, sand shoes and slicked back hair.....reminds me of the Outsiders....Hmmm another cool movie I need to re-watch.
If you've never seen it, please do.

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