Did it myself #1

First I spotted the fabric, and I just HAD to have it. So I bought a couple of yards.
I was just dying to have a skirt, or a top, or a dress made out of it. Couldn't decide which. It took me months to decide.
And here's where I went wrong: While trying to decide what to do with the majority of the fabric I had the hairbrained idea of making a pair of pajama shorts out of it.
Bad idea.
Because now I've seen the fabric a million times, always looking daggy and totally unfashionable. I can't see this fabric any other way.
But nevertheless, I decided to try and be ever so clever and make an asymetrically pleated and tucked dress out of the leftover fabric.
Well it was all looking a bit stupid so I cut that up and ended up making a cute but somewhat ho-hum hi-waisted skirt (with back pocket).
And this is the result.


I'll do better next time, I PROMISE.
The lesson of this story is: Don't try to be overly "tricky" with your designs and if you buy fabric you love, use it QUICKLY so you don't get sick of the very sight of it!

Happy thanksgiving! =)

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