I'm off to a land down under...

Yep, I'm going home today for a month. My first time in 2 years!
It's a bit silly that I still call Australia home, because Hawaii feels like home to me as well, but Australia will always be my most favourite place on God's green earth.

It'll be fun to go surfing, check out my fave shops again and of course catch up with my much missed family.

YAY, can't wait!

Top: Ksubi, Bikini: Heaven Swimwear


ashford said...

TWO YEARS since you've been home? yikes! it's only been 8 months since i've been home and i feel like i'm dying.
It'll be amazing to see how things have changed. Do you still keep up with Australian news?

tricks are for cats said...

Yep 2 whole years!
Things have changed quite a bit since I've been gone but it's so nice to be back.
I didn't keep up with much news though, I feel like I was living on a whole other planet!