Did it myself #2

I made a new top over the weekend.

I've had this fabric for a few years now and I've always loved it. It's perfect for drapey tees but I never really did come up with the right design for it.
It's got little silver dots all over it that sparkle sometimes. Its really pretty but worn looking at the same time. I've always liked that contrast.
I guess I like to design clothes that are trend BASED and then put my own spin on it.
So I ended up with a shoulder piece thingy and added studs and some braid detailing on the front....I think I'm going to be using braid detailing on a few more projects. I'm a little bit obsessed with it right now.
I suppose it looks almost military as well, which is obviously another big trend around right now (if you ask me tho, it's ALWAYS a trend, it never goes away) but this wasn't intentional.

I really want to change my label name. I know there's another designer out there who uses the name Goldie for her clothes ( found this out by googling Goldie Clothing. Even the font she used for the label is the same) and even though I was using it first I am ready to leave it behind and go with a new name. But it won't be happening for a while cos I have so many Goldie tags, and I still like the look of them.
Anyway, I'm rambling!

It was my birthday yesterday so I'm going to go have some cake :)

Top: Goldie, Jeans: Wet Seal, Shoes: Keds, Jacket: Vigoss, Belt & Black Bracelet: F21

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KittyCate said...

Love the top, its so original and it looks fantastic on you. Happy birthday for yesterday, hope the cake was yum. x