Balmain up close

I always find it intruiging to see high-end designer clothing up close. Just to see the materials used, to see the workmanship on the clothing and the detailing.
This is something I really look forward to when I go shopping.

I'm always eager to see new techniques and just basically see how these big fashion houses put their clothes together from a seamstress and designers point of view, and Balmain for me is a must see if it's worth the $$$ mainly.

Unfortunately I will probable NEVER get the chance to see anything from Balmain in person so this will have to do! has a large portion of the Balmain SS10 collection up and you can zoom in as close as you like. It's pretty interesting, so take a look when you get the chance.

P.S Some of the prices are INSANE. Over $15,000.00 for the coat Daria wore and over 70K for a Croc leather jacket. Major OUCH.
Makes their $2000 jeans and $1000 tees seem like an absolute STEAL!
P.P.S If I was looking to buy a Balmain tee I think I would just get one of their Men's tees in XS. Way cheaper and they have the same look.

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