Striped stripey stripes stripe

I've always loved stripes and my love has been renewed recently with the sudden must-have/hotness that is the stripey Breton top.
Nothing looks more chic than this top with...everything? But it's not just about the colour and the stripes, it's GOTTA have a boat-neck and its GOTTA have drop shoulders. Oh yeah and it has to be a little oversized.
Sorry, I get a bit nazi-ish over these things sometimes but there's nothing more annoying than when all these shops try to pass off their version of this top and it's like tight and short and the wrong colour. Yech
Take note people!...Not that I can talk, I don't have anything that looks even remotely like a proper Breton top.
Seriously tho, um, if anyone has the Chanel version (which I cry over) lying around, you know, unwanted and stuff? Maybe I could lend it for a bit? Yeah?

Image source: the sartorialist and other random places

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