Project: Tie-to-the-Dye

I've gone and launched myself into a bit of a ridiculous project involving tie dye. I'm not dying the fabric myself tho thank goodness! I'm not that hands on....yet.

I was in my local fabric store and came across this fabric which, were it not for the colours that I love right now, I probably wouldn't have looked twice.

I saw it, decided I loved it but that there was not a THING that could be done with it so I promptly left the shop and of course came back the next day to buy a few yards.

I'm loving pink, turquoise blue and purple colour blends right now and for this I will blame Avatar and McQueen's SS10 show.

They're very young and frankly quite gaudy colours really but I love the combination of the 3 and I teamed them with white to make it cleaner and have tried to come up with a somewhat futuristic shape for the dress (did I mention it was going to be a dress....well then yes, er, it's going to be a dress!).

So here's a sneak peak at the nutty looking dress so far (almost fit for Rainbow Bright I swear) and some of the inspiration behind the colours.

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