Did it myself #3

It was time for a pair of new shorts.

So I figured I'd make a pair that were a high-elastic-waisted, bloomer-ish style in a ditzy floral print with embroidered flap pockets....Naturally.

And then I decided that they absolutely must be seen with red fairy lights.

Here you go.

Just a normal day in the life of.....

Shorts by me, Gumball necklace by me, Cardi: Millers Club (I know! WTF?!?!), Blouse: Raviya, Tights: Temt, Shoes: Bamboo.


Prutha said...

u made those urself? thats awesome!!!

follow if u like what u see?

happy day !!


KittyCate said...

Oh I LOVE these!!! Can you make me a pair??? :D Seriously, I'd pay for those! Love the outfit too. x

tricks are for cats said...

Thankyou! :)

I DID make these myself and I'm actually planning to sell these and some other pieces I make soon, on this blog.
Hope you'll come back and check it out! :)