Those baby blues

I could sense this coming for a while now....It's pretty much the reason I changed my blog colours from pale rose to pale blue: All of a sudden I am finding ice blue, sky blue, baby blue, dusty blue, all of them extremely covetable.
I'm imagining frothy layers of pale blue chiffon for one of my next projects and I'm about to go nuts embellishing and shredding a pale ice blue pair of old levi's.... well I'm hoping that's what colour they'll be after I bleach the crap out of them.
At the couture collections this week Chanel featured icey pastel blues and the models had baby silver/blue streaks in their hair.

And I'm not just talking about any old kind of blue, I'm talking the palest of blu-ish hues.

Just look up.
There it is.

Isn't it beautiful?

Image Source: TFS, & a few random places

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