It all started with rats on the runway....

Ksubi is in trouble! :(
I may be jumping the gun a bit here but when I read that one of my fave aussie labels for jeans and such has gone into voluntary administration...well I'm no smarty pants but I'm pretty sure that's bad news.

This was one of my favourite collections of theirs. It was a collaboration with Michelle Jank back in 2004.
I love the layered outfits all in the one same colour. I've always wanted to copy that look...And as you can see Alexandra and Abbey-Lee walked in that show.

I remember dying to have a pair of their "Mess + Noise" wideleg jeans. Back in 2002 they were the jeans to be seen in. And then their "skinny minnie" jeans etc.
We were all okay with paying up to $300 for those babies.
Ksubi (I have to admit, I will always think of them as Tsubi with a "T" cos that's how they started out all those years ago) have made some of the most original jeans I've ever seen over the years. They pretty much started the skinny jean trend in my eyes.
But I guess that's not enough to keep a company above water.
So many companies are in trouble and even closing down, who's going to be next? Lover? Willow?
Sass & Bide have already had their financial woes but they seem to be full steam ahead again. Thank goodness.
But if Luella and so many other Designer labels can end up in trouble, anyone can.
Such is life I guess :(

Here's just a few of their crazy creations.

Ksubi designers George & Dan wearing Jeremy Scott Loves Ksubi.

Image Source: six6photography.com.au, fashionreview.com.au, is-mental.blogspot.com and other random places

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