Pipe Masters '09 Part 1

(Kelly is in there somewhere......)

I grew up surfing.
It was my favourite thing in the whole world.....even tho I wasn't so great at it and big waves really scared the crap out of me!
The surf scene is pretty fun and definitely HUGE in Australia. And I'm proud to say that aussie Pro Surfers can be quite stylish most of the time (in a surfy way). But that's not hard when they're getting free clothes, that haven't even hit the stores yet, thrown their way every season by their sponsors.
So with that in mind I decided to check out the Pipe Masters Contest at Pipeline here in Hawaii and see what people were wearing, as well as get back to my roots and watch some good surfing. It's been SO long, I really miss it (I miss Snapper Rocks!)
It's pretty interesting watching Kelly Slater STILL getting mobbed on the beach 20 years after he made it big on the surf scene.
The obvious trends I noticed were girls wearing tiny brazilian bikinis with just a plaid shirt thrown over the top. Trucker hats are still hanging in there. Neon colours too.
So I took a bunch of pics and I'll post the rest here in the next few weeks.
Here's the first installment.....

(If anyone sees themself pictured here and they're not happy about it, please feel free to contact me and I'll take your picture down :)

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