Timex baby

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this watch on Urban Outfitters: Timex Watch
About 1 month ago I started noticing this trend of women wearing men's gold watches (Tay Jacobson does it best. She wears Rolex analog tho, not digital). I was like "I gotta get me some of that action....but, a cheaper, tackier version."
So I took myself to Walmart and spotted this very watch. The Timex Men's Gold Digital Watch with stretchy band. It was nothing short of awesome and I promptly did NOT buy it even tho I knew I would dream about it that night.
I am a firm believer in waiting...but in the meantime I took a trip to Long's Drugs and bought an even cheaper, but still pimpin' Casio Men's Digital in Silver (it's in most of my outfit pics). Casio just seems more retro to me. Which is funner.
Btw folks, the Timex is cheaper at Walmart, only $30 and it comes in silver too.

Image source: thesfstyle.com & urbanoutfitters.com

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