I haven't been thrifting for like, ever, and then all of a sudden I had to go and I found a couple cool/dorky things which I PROBABLY won't keep but it was fun just to take pics of them.
One of them I am a little ashamed to show because it's so obviously "fake". But the truth is I LOVE the shape of it (I'm talking about the beige blazer with the hideously well-known monogram print, which should never be found on clothing.) I only bought it cos it was a measily 12 bux and like I said I loved the shape of it. It's the perfect "boyfriend" blazer. If only it was black and didn't have that ridiculous print. So because of that I can't really wear it and will be "passing it on" asap. And at the same time hoping I won't be arrested and or banned from ebay :(
The leopard print jacket is so frickin 80's (it's pleated, it's puffed, it's nipped it's got shoulder pads (yesssss)) I just about died so I bought it. It's hilarious but I loves it.
The secretary dress is actually kind of awesome. It totally reminds me of Lover clothing and it has a gorgeous shape to it as well but of course I would never wear it where I live cos I am a chicken shit and the playsuit was just super cute but I don't have the legs for it so: ONWARD IT GOES!

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