Outfit Post No.5

Love love love this dress.
It's so folky/peasanty/flower child-y. I don't wear it nearly enough.
I could probably have lied and said that it's vintage, but it's not.
Nope, it's from one of those chain stores that churns out tonnes of shite and comes up with the odd cute piece.
I actually wish I could go shopping there again, it was great for basics (that don't last) and pieces that are so on trend you just have to have but it's cheap enuff that if you only wear it twice it doesn't even matter (kind of).
But that's typical of me. I prefer to buy lower end stuff because I just know I'm going to be over it within a month. Expensive labels, as much as I love them and am always excited to see the new collections, I never buy anything from them because I'm too fickle. I get over clothes too quickly.

But then it's nice to re-discover things in your closet and love them all over again a few months down the road......or longer.

Dress: Supre', Belt: Supre',: Jacket: Old Navy (remodeled), Headband: Forever 21, Sandals: Mooloola

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