Outfit Post No.4

Sunday = Beach day.
If only there was fun surf here. *SIGH*
I wonder if I will ever get to surf again before I am too old and boring.
Totally casual today.
Wanted to show my hubs how to use the camera and he took to it straight away. So cute he is.
I thought it was going to be cold so I layered up, but no, of course it wasn't.
I had to strip off about 3 layers , take of my cons and roll up my tights before I was comfy again.

P.S Pls excuse the bandaid. Am not trying to start some weird new trend, just had an accident while washing the dishes. I'm a klutz I am.

Cardi: Cotton On, T-shirt: VS Pink, Skirt: Billabong, Shoes: Converse, Belt: Lover, Bag: Nine West

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