Wow, my first ever blog post.
I realize that's a very noob-like thing to say but hey, I am a noob let's face it.
I have to post a pic just to see if it works!

Ok it works.....Now I need to think of something effortlessly interesting and witty to say and also take some superb pix with my Digital SLR and post immediately so you can all swoon over my crazy talent.....

Yeah it's not going to happen like that. And I don't have a decent camera - yet. Or any special talents either. Well, I make clothes but it would be extremely UP myself to think I was special because of it.

But yes, I have a fashion label called: Goldie.
In 2004 I started mass producing and selling to stores in Australia (where I lived. I currently live in Hawaii. I know, not exactly a fashion mecca.)
It was succesful. There was magazine features and lots of interest and it was fun but in 2008 I decided that wasn't what I really wanted.
What I really wanted was to make one-off pieces and sell them to the public somehow.
That way there was no pressure, I coudl work at my own pace and it didn't matter if I found 1000 units of the same button.
So after taking a break for a while and exploring some other things I have started designing, sewing and styling my own clothes again.
The pieces I make will be available to the public via ebay.
But sometimes I like to just talk about my fashion likes or dislikes and style some outfits.
So that's what this blog is for.
Thanks for checking out my page :)

P.S This Blog is named after my 2005 Winter collection. It was inspired by the movie "Kill Bill Vol. 1" (of course) and Voltron.

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